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The following conditions apply for the use of Sharefunders' website at By using and visiting the website you agree to the following conditions and all other conditions set forth or referred to the Website. If you do not accept these terms, we kindly ask you to exit the site and stop using the service.

What do we expect from you?

Sharefunders expects all relevant actors on the platform to meet certain guidelines. We expect you to:


  • Respect and comply with existing legislation. We expect you to, in any cases to comply with the applicable rules and at no time violate the rights of others or breach valid contracts.

  • That any given information about you is correct. We expect that you first and foremost in connection with your registration provide the necessary information. We also expect that your information is correct.

  • Not expose other investors, companies and so on. This includes exposure by spreading false rumours or general deception. You are not allowed to neither threaten, disparage nor violate others' privacy.

  • Not prevent us in performing their duties in the best possible way. You are therefore not allowed to spam our platform with marketing, e-mails and other form of spam.


We are not responsible for your behaviour on our platform. Sharefunders is not responsible for any damages or losses arising from your visit to our platform.


Are you an investor?

As an investor you should be aware of that any orders on equity investments, must be accepted before they can be implemented. An “order” is the purchase of a specified number of shares for a total price. After an order is accepted, the total amount of the order will be transferred to a client account.

The order will then be completed when the demands and conditions regarding the share issue is reached. This implies that the company has received a sufficient amount of capital to implement the actions specified in the Offering documents. If the required capital is not obtained, your investment amount will be returned to you.


To make it possible for us to create an account and ensure efficient handling of the account we will require certain types of information and possibly identification for proof of identity.


The sign up process will identify you and your authority to act on behalf of a company. You will get authority to engage in agreements directly through the services of the platform


Attention: You should be aware that there is no right of withdrawal for the purchase of shares. There is also no right of appeal. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Sharefunders on



What is a closed round and what should I be aware of?

The funding campaigns can be as “closed rounds” and “open rounds”. This means that only a determined and limited number of investors have access to the campaigns in the “closed round”. Meanwhile the “open rounds” will have an unlimited amount of public investors.


By using the platform, you accept the relevant terms and conditions. This means that you are aware of that if the campaigns are operated as closed round the public does not have access to the campaign.


In connection with the issuance of a password, you must treat the assigned password with confidentiality and must not disclose it to other without the consent of campaign owners. You are not allowed to gain access to the closed rounds without a legitimate personal password.

The services will enable you to buy high-risk financial products (shares in companies), and you are fully responsible for any losses endured.


What else should I be aware of?

By using our platform, you agree to the various terms and conditions. Please read the relevant conditions on our site (see Cookie- and privacy policy).


By using our site you confirm, that the information you have provided is correct and that you are obliged to inform Sharefunders in case of change in the provided information.


Please note that all information is treated confidentially in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act.


Your intellectual property

Sharefunders will only use the content, which you registered on our platform, to the extent that you have accepted. We will never use your personal (see Cookie- and privacy policy) with any wrong intentions. By using our platform you give us the right to use your information in connection with the operation of the platform. This will always be done with the respect of you and your company’s rights.


Our intellectual property

Do not abuse our services, or try to gain access to our services by means other than what we provide through the interface. The use of our services should always be in accordance with applicable law, and you are responsible to clarify how the law affects you. Sharefunders can stop or cut off your access to our services if you do not comply with our terms and conditions or if you are suspected of abusing them.


You have no right or ownership of content you find on the platform, and you must not use material from our services without the permission of the rightful owner. You have no right to use marketing materials or logos with permission and should not remove or change the content of material associated with Sharefunders.


Our liability

Despite the careful checks of the content, we accept no liability for the contents of the external links and the contents of the different campaigns powered by the Sharefunders software. In all cases, the providers of external websites are responsible for the contents they provide and the campaign owners using the Sharefunders software are responsible for the content of the campaigns.

Therefore, Sharefunders Denmark IVS and expressly distance themselves from all contents of all websites linked on this website, the contents of the different campaigns powered by Sharefunders Denmark IVS’ software and do not make these contents their own. This declaration is valid for all websites linked on this website and all the campaigns powered by the Sharefunders software.


Dispute resolution and governing law

In situations where disputed arise we will always ask you to contact us before considering other options. In the event of litigation, these terms and conditions shall be interpreted in accordance with Danish law. You agree that any disputes are settled in accordance with Danish law.


Changes in “Terms and conditions”

Be aware that there may be changes in the terms and conditions, and that there may be additional conditions regarding the campaigns and legitimation process. These additional terms and conditions are added in relation to the relevant services, which will become a part of you agreement with us, when using them.




for taking the time to read our terms and conditions.




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